Saturday, 30 April 2016

Dunns River Falls and an Art Class

Another day on my family vacation in Jamaica!

Trying to be a pirate
Mum relaxing on our journey
We drove to Dunns River Falls in Ocho Rios. It was $20 US per person for entry. The last time I had done this, there were shoes for hire inside however now there wasn't. Mum, Dad and Cleyon all bought the water shoes which were available for $10 US each at the office. I am more comfortable bare foot than with shoes! We hired a locker, put our stuff away and walked to the bottom of the falls where it meets the ocean, my favourite part. When my foot first touched the water I practically squealed it was so cold! Thankfully the ocean was warmer and it was easy to escape. Mum and dad stood right under the cold waterfall at the bottom to refresh from the hot and humid weather, they're not acclimatised to the weather here!
Mum and Dad at the bottom
Me and Cley
Mum and dad both have bad knees and decided to skip the beginning, which is the most difficult part. Cleyon and I looked at each other and decided to go anyway while they walked around. The most difficult part is navigating around all the other people on the falls. People come in tour buses, private tours and catamaran tours so you can imagine there are a lot of people there! We managed to sneak around quite a lot but there were parts where the flow of the water was so strong I had no choice but to patiently wait behind people. We got to a point where mum and dad decided to enter too. The black parts on the rock are slippery but I think more so for my bare foot self than for those in water shoes. With Cleyon and I checking the way with our steps we made it to the top.

The family :)
We took a short drive into Ocho Rios and stopped at a place for food where I had taken my sister and her fiance' a few years back. It was pretty expensive for the 4 of us but we were expecting that in the touristy town! We came out and went into the jewellery store nearby that stocks Pandora. Mum bought a couple of Jamaican charms for herself and my sister whilst I am hopeful I can find another charm that they had ran out of. Whilst walking around dad became charmed with a sign '6 tshirts for $20', of course it ended up being a lot more haha! We got back in the car and headed back to Montego Bay.

Me climbing the falls
I had organised to go to an art class with mum that evening in Montego Bay. We sat down with our complimentary glass of wine and looked at the artwork the artist had prepared earlier and followed her through steps to recreate it. The artwork subject was a royal palm tree with a sky blue background. I think we sat too far away to see the real details the artist put into her artwork. From where we sat her clouds looked perfect, but when we got up to look, they looked much different. Mum and I had some serious cloud envy haha. We had fun painting, and were happy with our pieces, despite me painting leaves in the wrong direction. I hope mum can take back the experience to Australia to the shop she has opened with her sister 'Art on Ormerod'.

Mum painting clouds...

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