Saturday, 30 April 2016

Meeting The Family

Mr Shirley cutting up chickens

When mum and dad arrived at the airport, Cleyon and I were there to pick them up. Luckily, they all get along really well. Cleyon keeps telling me how chilled my parents are haha. After a week of being in Jamaica travelling around they were able to meet Cleyons family too.

Mrs Shirley at school, we disrupted the kids!

Trying to take a selfie with Nathan, the best one I got....

His mum and dad live outside of Falmouth up a dirt road that I hate driving up! After meeting his mum and second mum during the day to help with groceries, we came up in the evening for dinner. His mum had somehow already finished preparing dinner, like the miracle worker she is. Mr Shirley was sitting outside when we arrived and welcomed my parents with a friendly face and barely understandable English! I had already warned them that they probably wouldn't understand much of what he said and perhaps what the rest of the family said too haha. Christine also welcomed them with open arms and a friendly face and soon began chatting with my mum.

Mum holding Skye, the trouble maker...
Dad holding Nathan and Tina nearby
They were introduced to a lot of people, brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews, neighbours and had a great time. Christine, or Sharon as she is more commonly known, had cooked up curry goat, fried chicken and stew pork with rice and vegetables! Somehow she managed to serve everyone there including a few extras that rolled up!

The family
I can't believe that after so long talking to my parents on Skype with Cleyon they have finally been able to meet him AND come all the way across the world to see the countries culture and delicacies and meet his family too. I'm not sure if they will ever be able to come back but I am so happy that they had the opportunity, and now can see or know who I am talking about! After all, we are all family now.

The whole family!

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