Friday, 25 March 2016

Night Dive in Cozumel

Caribbean Reef Octopus

I remember when I first started diving. I did a Discover Scuba Diving course in Indonesia when I was on vacation with a friend. I was hooked immediately after seeing all of the different colour fish and corals. I got my Open Water certification at home in Australia but wasn't very confident. In fact I had butterflies in my stomach before each dive, it was more of a personal challenge I had set myself. I never dreamed of ever doing a night dive!!

Spot-Fin Porcupinefish

I have only done night dives in Jamaica and in Mexico, both in the places I have worked. Here in Cozumel I have been blown away with the dives. We see a ridiculous number of lobsters and crabs. Moray eels come out to feed, I know they sound creepy, but they are fine. Every now and then you'll see turtles sleeping or a nurse shark swimming around. I have a weakness for the small things, nudibranchs, pipefish, pipehorses etc. and recently the night dives have been like gold for them! 

Spotted Moray Eel.

Caribbean Reef Squid pretending he's something else...

Last week, I found the first black flatworm here that I'd ever seen. The next night dive I did I saw 2! I also loooove seeing baby scorpion fish, everyone calls them ugly, but I have a soft spot for the scorpion fish, especially their babies. The star of a night dive though, is the octopus! No matter how many times you see one, you never get sick of them. I have just got home from a night dive where we saw about 6 octopus, including the smallest one I've ever seen! 

The coral spawning, the cloud of 'smoke'...

The black flatworm!
Tonight's night dive was possibly my last in Cozumel. I leave for Jamaica in a week. If plans work out I will be heading home to Australia with my fiance'. If not we will return to Cozumel. 
If anyone is ever considering doing a night dive, I definitely recommend Cozumel! 

Sculptured Slipper Lobster..and a banded butterfly fish.
Shhhh Hawksbill Turtle sleeping...

*photos compliments of Dean and Janine, a wonderful couple on a night dive with me*

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