Saturday, 26 March 2016

Living away from family

I have been living away from my family now for about 3 years. There was a time in between I went home to Australia to visit once. My sister and her fiance have also visited me once in Jamaica and once whilst here in Mexico. But it isn't the same. 

Me and some crazy family in Jamaica!

I grew up in a small town, on a farm. My mum, dad, brother and sister are all very close; we may not speak every day but we know we can count on each other. Growing up we would always be helping dad on the land rounding up sheep or cows, helping in the shearing shed, fixing fences whatever he needed. We would also help mum, however the jobs were less exciting, washing the windows, dusting, cleaning our rooms haha. When we had finished helping with the days chores, the end of the day, or days of rest on the weekends would be for playing games. Monopoly was a family favourite/the worst game for relationships ever! There was also an Australian farming board game named 'Squatter' we would play a lot; but my Rams would always die. As we have grown up, the tradition of playing games together continues, mainly with a deck of cards or the occasional game of chess or backgammon. 

My sister and I in Cozumel, Mexico. 

My parents have announced they are coming to vacation with me in Jamaica next month and couldn't be more excited! The first time in my 3 years living away that they will come to visit. I can't wait to show them the beautiful country but I also hope they bring a pack of cards. 

Awkward family photo....omg this is from years ago! haha

My brother and my sister in law were married right before I left Australia. Now I am an aunt, to a beautiful little girl named Savannah; I think this is the hardest part about living away. Your family knows who you are, your flaws, your qualities, what gets to you the most, what your values are and many more. Although you may change over time with different experiences, you are who you are inside. I have so much love for my niece. She is gorgeous, energetic, super smart and obviously exhausting. I hope I can be closer to her soon so I can win the title of 'favourite aunt'. I remember meeting her for the first time over Skype. I was so excited, staring at my phone, sitting on the streets of Mexico, I was so upset I couldn't be there. But I cannot wait for all the times I will be there. 

Meeting my niece on Skype! 

I am now trying to plan my sisters hens night in Honolulu, Hawaii. It is an honor to have the task, but again, a much harder one whilst living on the other side of the world. As much as I talk to them and know they are there for me, it isn't the same as being near. 

Meeting Savannah in the flesh....gorgeous girl! 


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