Thursday, 24 March 2016


As a scuba diving instructor I am incredibly lucky. I get to travel the world and work in different places. I see some of the most amazing animals underneath the water that continue to surprise me. I get to meet people from all over the world, not just as diving clients but as coworkers. Of course like any job it is not all sunshine and rainbows, the pay is not the best, it can be extremely tiring and of course different people can turn it into a bad day or week. 

We are in the middle of Spring Break; as Mexico is a very popular tourist destination, particularly for Americans, we are super busy. My boss has given me the day off to recover from a bit of sickness and I can't help but reflect on my work. 

Tracy, Jason and Me! I love these two! 
MERMAIDS! Linda, Kait and Carrie for a fabulous week or two of diving.
An extremely fun group of people! A couple of generous people gave me a regulator, I will never forget. 

Me and Leslie for her 300th dive!
I am posting this in appreciation for those people who are kind and pure. I have just spent the last week with an incredible group of people from different parts of the states. They were so kind, thoughtful and spoke so highly of me I couldn't be more grateful. Of course these are not the only ones. I have been lucky to have a group or a few individuals who I have really clicked with during their stay, some of whom I have emails and keep in contact, and some who I will probably never see again. Now I have never been one for goodbyes, infact I really suck at them, so I felt I should say this. Sometimes, you will have no idea the impact or impression you have left on someone. I can clearly say that I have met many people who have had such a great impact on me, that might not even know it. For these people I am grateful. 

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